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This page is for IPC Officials.  The download section below contains documents and forms specifically for the use of officials. 

General competition rules, tack sheets, codes of conduct etc. can be found on the general Downloads page.

Virtual Activity Organisation guidelines

Irish Pony Club Guidelines for Running Virtual Irish Pony Club Activities

Irish Pony Club Virtual Activities Data Processor Agreement

Instructions for Restricting Entry on Its Plain Sailing Applications Forms to Irish Pony Club Members Only

Pony Club Test Results sheets

D Test - C+ Test Results Sheet

B Test Results Sheet

Test Result Sheet

Application form for Proficiency Tests

Once completed these tests should be sent to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and to your Area Representative.

It is the responsibility of the Chief Examiner to send these results to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Health and safety

Minimum Standards of Medical Cover at Irish Pony Club Competitions

Accident Report Form

Concussion - Rule for All Disciplines, Signs and Symptoms of Concussion and Concussion Action Plan

Risk Assessment

RA Guide

Completed Sample Rally Risk Assessment

PC Questionnaire - Contract

PC Questionnaire - Facilities

RA Check List Competitions

RA Check List Cross Country

RA Check List Dressage

RA Check List Mounted Games

RA Check List Rally

RA Check List Show Jumping

RA Check List Summer Camp

RA Check List Tetrathlon Phases Only

RA Check List Endurance

RA Check List Polo

RA Check List Visits

Crisis Management Procedure for Competitions

Rules and Policies

Irish Pony Club Safety, Health and Welfare Policy

Irish Pony Club Branch Financial Records Policy and Procedures 2019

Payments to judges and instructors / examiners

Instructors Recommended Rates of Pay


Procedure for Submitting Membership to the Irish Pony Club Office

  • Branches who use Its Plain Sailing to register members of their Branch should capture all of the members information through the membership application form online.  However, Branches should regularly check that the information submitted by parents has been entered correctly in the correct fields.  Some areas to monitor include:
    • Date of Birth
    • Parent or Guardians Contact Details
    • Duplicate records for members, where the member has registered with different numbers in different years

Check that all of this information is correct before submitting payment for the member to the Irish Pony Club to ensure that cards can be printed in a timely and efficient manner. 

  • Membership cards will be printed at the Irish Pony Club office on receipt of the following:
    • A membership remittance form.  This form details the number of cards required and the amount of the payment submitted.
    • Payment from the Branch.  Membership payments to the IPC office may be made via a Banking Online Transfer or by cheque.
      • Note:  When making a payment via Banking Online Credit Transfer, provide details of the name of the Branch, the reason for the payment, the number of members being payed for and any further information that will help with the identification of the payment in the payment identifier.
    • A list of the members that require cards.  Whether the Branch has chosen to pay by cheque or Banking Online Credit Transfer, Branches must e-mail or post a list of members that require cards to the IPC office to match the payment.  If Branches fail to do this, the printing and posting of cards may be delayed.
    • All membership documents should be marked for the attention of Ciara via post or e-mailed to cThis email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
  • Branches who DO NOT use Its Plain Sailing should:
    • Use the membership application forms for new first time members and membership renewals to capture the member's information.  These forms are available to download from the IPC website.
    • Branches should record all of the information submitted on these membership application forms on the excel Branch Membership Registration Form, which can be downloaded from the IPC website.  This excel sheet is a template which Branches who do not use Its Plain Sailing may use to collate and record the details of all of their members for the year.
    • It is very important that all fields on this excel sheet be completed for each member.
    • Submit this Branch Membership Registration Form to the IPC office with the Membership Remittance Form and payment when requesting the printing of membership cards. 
      • Note:  Indicate the names of the members that cards are being requested for with the payment.

First Time Membership Application Form 2020

Membership Renewal Form 2020

Membership Remittance Form 2020

Membership Registration Form

Transfer Rule (Updated February 2020)

Transfer Application Form (Updated February2020)


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