We are delighted to be returning to normal Pony Club activities.

To all IPC Coaches who have joined the Instructors Register…... Thank you 

To those thinking of joining, below are the requirements to join the Instructors Register.


IPC B+ this is open to Pony Club members between the ages of 18 & 25. ( B, H & A are not coaching qualifications)

HSI Level 1

BHS Stage 2 teach

These are the minimum qualifications accepted by the IPC, anything higher is even better.

It is up to each coach to make sure that all documentation remains up to date & valid.

First Aid partially running online & in reality. ( renewed every 2 years)

Safeguarding 1 running online. ( renewed every 3 years)

Garda Vetting run through HSI for all affiliates. ( renewed every 5 years)

2 references from a senior coach and or DC, Area Rep

Read and sign Code of Ethics.

Read and sign Code of Conduct.

Pay €10 via it’s plain sailing to IPC

CPD points are easily obtained through webinars. HSI & BHS all run webinars.

They cost between €10 and €25 

There is a global selection of speakers on many topics and all from the comfort of your sofa.

We would like to remind all coaches to go gently into the Pony Club summer. 

Members have not been out hunting, hunter trialing or competing. 

Both members and ponies need an opportunity to get into the Pony Club groove.

Keep an extra eye on fitness of both riders and ponies.

Give every member a chance to have fun, meet their friends before embarking on tests etc.

Be aware it may take awhile to get back to where we all were before Covid struck.

We have had some IT issues, and we are working to resolve these. 

Documentation for joining the Ins Reg may be sent to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Please contact your Area Rep or Training Committee Rep if you have any issues.

The Training Committee


Irish Pony Club


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  • fax: +353 (0)56 883 2965

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