Achievement Badges

Pony Club Achievement Badges are awarded to younger members who have studied a variety of topics on pony care and the environment. The circular fabric badges are designed to be sewn on your branch sweatshirt.Candidates are examined in an informal manner.There are a range of badges. To find out more about these you should speak to your branch D.C.

Note:The Achievement Badge Folder is available from the Pony Club Shop – this is a guide for instructors, examiners and Pony Club representatives designed to help teach basic knowledge of Horse and Pony Care to D+ and C test levels in an enjoyable and manageable way, as well as giving members a chance to improve their general knowledge of the countryside and environment. The folder contains guidelines, key points, teaching, testing ideas and resources for each badge.

Here are a sample of our badges:

ab mucking outMUCKING OUT To be able to name and use stable tools to muck out and to talk about different types of bedding.

ab plaiting badgePLAITING To know the principles of plaiting a mane and tail, know occasions when the horse/pony should be plaited and recognise a well-plaited mane and tail.

ab loading badgeLOADING To be able to load/unload a pony, with assistance, safely into/out of a trailer or horse-box.

ab saddlery badgeSADDLERY To be able to name the parts of, and put on a saddle and a snaffle bridle, know about the care and cleaning of same. Be able to identify common bits, i.e. Eggbut / Loose-ring Snaffle, Pelham etc.

ab feeding badgeFEEDING To know the basic rules of feeding and to be able to recognise different foodstuffs.

ab handling and groomingHANDLING & GROOMING To be able to run up a pony in hand and to tie it up safely. To be able to identify and use all grooming utensils correctly.

ab points of the horsePOINTS OF THE HORSE To know the points of the horse, colours and markings.



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