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PONY CLUB Dressage

Dressage is the highest expression of training where horse and rider are expected to perform from memory a series of predetermined movements. it develops obedience, flexibility and balance in the horse, and is therefore the basis for all other equestrian disciplines. The ‘Pure dressage’ competition is for teams of three/four riders of any age, who ride a Novice level test in a 60m long arena.


Halloween Virtual Dressage Competition Results

The results for the Irish Pony Club Halloween Virtual Dressage Competition 2022 are in! Huge congratulations to all who took part, we had combinations from every Area competing, and there are some great scores! 

Dressage test sheets will be emailed and rosettes will be posted out over the next few days. Please follow the link below for scores.


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Videos from the International Virtual Dressage Competition

The videos from the PCIA virtual dressage competition can be viewed on their Padlet website at https://padlet.com/hkpc/PCIADressage2022

They are arranged by class; Irish Pony Club members competed in classes 1A and 2B, and the rider's biographies and photos are also posted there. IPC members might like also to look at videos submitted by members of other Pony Clubs?!?


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Irish Pony Club Halloween Virtual Dressage Competition 2022


We are delighted to announce that we are running a Halloween National virtual dressage competition 2022 for Irish Pony Club members (hosted by CGP equestrian).  Entries will be open on the Irish Pony Club Its Plain Sailing page between 09.00 on Saturday 15th October and 23.59 on Sunday 13th November.  Videos of dressage tests should be submitted to the CGP equestrian website https://cgpequestrian.ie/ipc-virtual-dressage-october-2021/ according to the instructions provided at https://cgpequestrian.ie/how-to-enter/. They will be judged by Listed dressage judges who will give useful feedback which will help riders to improve in the future. 

Classes are at Introductory, Preliminary, Novice and Elementary dressage levels. 

Members can ride more than one dressage test, at more than one level, on more than one pony (with no age or H/C restrictions) and are encouraged to tr​y a test at a higher level than their current level in dressage

Entries are €15.00.

Link to Irish Pony Club Its Plain Sailing https://itsplainsailing.com/org/ipc#event-33635 

The dressage tests for the National Dressage virtual dressage competition are listed below:  All dressage tests are available on the IPC website on the ‘Downloads’ page at https://www.irishponyclub.ie/index.php/downloads

And also on the CCP Equestrian website at https://cgpequestrian.ie/ipc-virtual-dressage-halloween-2022/

Introductory level:

South Munster Intro to dressage test C (2012) (ie current U10 CT test)

Dressage Ireland Introductory test A (2017)

Preliminary level: 

The IPC pre-novice test (2019) (ie current U12 CT and Eventing test)

BE 90 dressage test 95 (2012) (ie current Junior CT & Eventing test)

BE 100 dressage test 107 (2016) (ie current Intermediate CT & Eventing test)

Dressage Ireland P4 (2016)

Novice level:

BE Novice dressage test 112 (2010) (ie the current Open CT and Eventing test)

Dressage Ireland N23 (2012)

Elementary level:

Dressage Ireland E50 (2013)

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Kildare Branch dressage riders to compete at UK Pony Club dressage Championships

Kildare Branch dressage riders to compete at UK Pony Club dressage Championships

Congratulations to the riders from the winning and second placed Kildare Hunt Branch Pure Dressage teams at the IPC Festival, who will be competing in the UK Dressage Championships by invitation this year!

Representing the Irish Pony Club will be:

Kildare Hunt Branch 

Rachael Doyle on Lyra Oberon

Ella Butler on Lenovo

Lucy Maughan on Valley View Sammy 
Ruby Hughes on Vogel


The competitions will take place on 16th to 18th August at Lands Eventing, Offchurch, Bury, Warwickshire by kind permission of Mr Harry Johnson and family. 

We wish them good luck on their dressage adventure!

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Dressage & Combined Training Qualifiers 2022

D and CT Area Qualifiers 2022: 

Area and local Rep 




Chief Steward 

1  Kate Harvey 

21 July 

Boswell EC 


Ian Grace 

2  Nikki Delmare 

22 April 


Nikki Delmare 

Kate Harvey 

3  Pat Walsh 

23 July  

Nuenna Farm EC 

Nth Kilkenny 

Mary Dennehy 

4  Ian Grace 

23 July 

Sleedagh Farm 


Kate Harvey 

5  Mary Dennehy 

12 June  

Ballindenisk EC 

Sth Union 

Liam Gleeson  

6  Tara Hughes 

26 June 

Tubberbride EC 


Suzanne Naughton 

7  Mairead Holden 

29 June 


Area 7 

Kate Harvey 

8  Suzanne Naughton 

5 July 


E. Galway 

Tara Hughes  

9  Liam Gleeson  

3 Jully 

Nenagh EC 


Mairead Holden 


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Irish Pony Club National Dressage Day 2022

Dressage Times for the IPC National Dressage Day, 1st May, Spruce Lodge, are available here Times (pdf)

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Entries are now open for the National Dressage Day Sunday May 1st 2022 in Spruce Lodge




SUNDAY 1st May 2022


1             Under 10 & U12  ‘warm-up’ test               South Munster Introduction to Dressage Test C (2012) (40m arena)


2             U10 & U12          Competition test            Pre-Novice IPC dressage test 2019 (40m arena)

3             Junior                   ‘warm-up’ test                  BE 95 (2012) (40m arena)

4             Junior                   Competition test             Dressage Ireland test P8 (2012) (60m arena)

5             Intermediate      ‘warm-up’ test                  BE 107 (2016) (40m arena)

6             Intermediate      Competition test              Dressage Ireland N27A (2021) (60m arena)


7             Open/SA             ‘warm-up’ test                  BE 112 (2010) (40m arena)

8             Open/SA             Competition test             Dressage Ireland N27A (2021) (60m arena)


9             Open to all         UK PC Windsor Competition test 2020 The Pony Club Open Dressage Champs Test 2018 (60m arena) This is the level of test required to compete at UK PC ‘Open’ Level, equivalent to BD/DI Elementary.

Riders can and should, if possible, ride two tests, one ‘warm up’ and one Competition test.  Dressage test directives are available on IPC website downloads page.

Members may compete in two categories on the same or different pony, ie U10/U12/Junior/Intermediate/Open but must ride H/C in one category; this MUST be declared on the entry form or both tests will counted as H/C.  

Rosettes will be awarded for all classes, and for U10 & 12 classes separately if sufficient entries.

Irish Pony Club Pure Dressage rules and tack apply EXCEPT that whips are allowed in Under 12 competitions.

Entry fees:  €21 first test, €15 second test ridden by the same combination of rider and pony/horse.

ENTRIES via ItsPlainSailing on Irish Pony Club website Dressage page http://www.irishponyclub.ie/index.php/dressage-conbined-training CLOSING DATE Sunday 24th April at 23.59  


Enquiries- contact Show Secretary Marie Hennessy 087 1348613 This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

or Kate Harvey 087 2028997 This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Times: see IPC website on Thursday 28th April          Information about the venue http://www.sprucelodge.ie/  

Competitors must provide their own numbers (any type) as given alongside their dressage times on the IPC website.

There will be limited catering provided at the venue.

Dressage Test sheets and rosettes can be sent directly to competitors if they provide a Stamped Addressed Envelope or an Addressed Envelope containing €1.  Remaining tests will be posted to the relevant DC. 

Please DO NOT attend if you are feeling unwell, are displaying any symptoms of Covid 19, have a positive Covid test or are a known Close Contact of a Positive or Suspected case of Covid 19.

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RESULTS of National Dressage Day

RESULTS of National Dressage Day on Sunday 5th September 2021 are available Click Here

With grateful thanks to TRI Equestrian and Bluegrass horse feeds for their generous sponsorship of the prizes.

Well done to everyone who competed for a great day out in fabulous Spruce Lodge!

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 National Dressage Day

Irish Pony Club National Dressage Day Rescheduled

The organisers of the Irish Pony Club National Dressage Day have agreed that this should be re-scheduled to Sunday September 5th at Spruce Lodge, due to the ongoing Coronavirus Covid-19 situation

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